Parish Hall History

    As soon as the new roof was placed on the present church, mass was offered in the basement and the old church was torn down. Heating was not installed in the church until December of 1897, so mass was celebrated in the basement during the winter. During the reconstruction of the friary in 1912, the friars lived in the basement of the church and some school classrooms. In 1917, new pews were bought for the winter chapel (church basement) for $1,231.40. During the winter months of 1966-1967, the church basement was remodeled and became a parish hall. Cost of remodeling the hall was approximately $3,800, but all the material, equipment, and labor was donated with the exception of $12. It began to be used as parish hall in April of 1967. In January of 1971, the kitchen in the church basement was remodeled. The ceiling was dropped, a wall was knocked out to make the room larger, a new floor laid, and a double sink in the middle of the room were installed. In the hall, the radiators were removed, excess fixtures were removed, and the hall was varnished and painted. All costs and work were donated. During the summer, a new entrance on the south side of church leading into the basement was created. In September 1972, cabinets and utility closets were built inside the new south entrance to the basement of the church. In 1976, electric hand dryers were installed in the washroom of the church basement. During the church renovation of 1981, mass was celebrated in the church basement on weekdays and in the gym on weekends. Mass was also celebrated in the basement during the church remodel of 2008. In January of 2011, construction began to renovate the parish hall. At this time, the wooden floor was removed, exposing the supports. Sand was pumped in to fill the area and a cement floor was laid. All the kitchen cabinets were removed, a new cement floor was laid, and a ventilation system was installed on the south end. The bathrooms near the north entrance were also remodeled. A unisex bathroom was created and a furnace closet was created. During this time, it was also decided to update the heating system, as the old boiler system wasn’t the most efficient. New windows were also installed to help with the heating efficiency. The old stained glass windows found in these windows were removed, restained and painted, and place back in the windows. New walls and ceiling were installed and painted. The project was completed in May of 2011 with the help of many volunteers.

Mass Times

Saturday: 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM
Monday: 7:30 AM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM
Thursday: 8:00 AM
Friday: 8:00 AM

School Year Mass Times

Tuesday - Friday: 7:30 AM in the High School Chapel

Confession Information

Saturdays: 4:45 - 5:15 PM or anytime by appointment

Office Hours

Summer Months: 8:00 AM - Noon
School Months: 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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